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HuVAT Sunday 14 October 2018 3.00 for 3.15 p.m.

This meeting is on Australian Skeptic's $100,000 Challenge and the Laws of Physics. The Australian Skeptics believe the methods of science are the best path to useful knowledge. They offer a large prize for anyone who can prove they have psychic or paranormal powers with real evidence of claims like free energy, telepathy, communication with spirits, and miracle cures. This has attracted many applicants over the decades - no-one has claimed the prize. Some claims would violate the laws of science if true, and others would violate the laws of the land if found out. Many articles have been published, and business plans have been ruined. This talk will outline the most entertaining encounters, including: Power Balance, Winecard, Lutec's Free Electricity, The Indian Spirit Guide, Rossi's Cold Fusion, Aquapol's Rising Damp Repeller, and the Mind Body Spirit festival. Speaker Ian Bryce is a Vice-President of the Humanist Society of NSW, and has graduated in both physics and engineering. Ian works in the aerospace industry and lectures at university. Since 1980, Ian has been the Chief Investigator with Australian Skeptics Inc.


HuVAT time slot
Humanist Viewpoints Afternoon Talk (general format now more varying)

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(Note while this meeting series is sponsored by us its program is often not representative of the views of the Humanist Society at all. In fact it may run topics contrary to our interests! David Duffy's interest is to provide a regular venue to air matters of contemporary interest. If you are interested in what the Society as a body is concerned about click the HuVAT tab above).

3 Oct "The power of positive action intelligence".

What you do determines what you become

Prof Keith Kennett

Educator, psychologist & teacher. Foundation dean & professor of education at Nepean College and at U.W.S.

24 Oct "Artificial intelligence"

- The existential risks.

Mr Robert Sternhell

Philosophy graduate & researchers (Sydney Univ).

31 Oct "The Cronulla riots"

- the untold story

Mr Richard Black

A solicitor for 40 years and for 65 years a resident of Cronulla.

  Where no program is listed a group discussion takes place, topic resolved by those present.


  Ring 9212 2122 for details for dates not covered here  

The Open Forum has been running for 47 years.

They are held

  • Every Wednesday
  • Starting at 8pm
  • at Humanist House 10 Shepherd St Chippendale.
  • Public Welcome.
  • Phone a recorded message service for last minute updates to the program.
    (+61 2) 9212 2122
  • Note: if there is no guest speaker a discussion evening on a topical issue occurs.
  • Supper available for a small donation.


The Wednesday Open Forum meetings are sponsored by the Humanist of Society of NSW to promote lively debate about topical issues. It has been held every Wednesday since 1971. You are welcome to come along and bring some friends. With a wide range of speakers and audience participants, views expressed by speakers and audience cannot be taken as a reflection of Humanist views .

Humanism fosters constructive intellectual exchange which can become impassioned at time. This requires a commitment from you to appropriate behaviour at all times. Unruly or offensive behaviour will not and cannot be tolerated.

Picture of David Duffy
David Duffy the long-time convener!
Tel: 4782 1130 AM only

The Society also runs the HuVAT (Humanist Viewpoints Afternoon talk) series usually on the second Sunday of each month 4 pm. These meetings are more orientated to the Humanist position as such. Click the HuVAT tab above.

NSW Humanist Meetup

NSW Humanists Meetup 3-6PM Sunday 23 September 2018 will look at

Our New Humanists Sunday Open House event on Sunday 23 September will sort out the differences between Humanism, Atheism, Secularism, Skepticism, Rationalism, Scientism & Freethought. Come along to learn and discuss. And we'll probably throw in words like Agnosticism, Empiricism, Positivism, and Ethicism and attempt to clarify any other terms participants are confused or concerned about. How can we make humanism distinctive in this word salad of related terms? Does humanism have something more than these other responses to offer to a world of prejudice, bullshit and delusion?

All details here in printable form are copied from our journal Viewpoints downloadable from Members page.

No information at present

Humanist House with logo overlaid

Workshop on the future of Humanism

Sunday, June 17, 2018 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Humanist House 10 Shepherd St, Chippendale, Sydney

(Humanist House is a few doors behind the old Hotel Broadway, just across and downhill towards the city from the Broadway Shopping Centre.)

Each year we try to celebrate World Humanist Day in June with a deeper look at humanism and/or the humanist movement.

It's been a while since we opened up World Humanist Day to all speakers but we're going back there this year. Hopefully we'll keep things focused on solutions to the problem of growing the Humanist movement in the 21st century.

This is an urgent call (first made in March in the newsletter) for those with a real idea for rebuilding our future as an ethical movement founded in common human values and progressed through human reason, discovery and creativity.

If a talk becomes about something else, hopefully our audience will steer it 'back to the future' through suitable questions and comments.

No-one has contacted me although I have prompted some people and I will be working the audience on the day.


We particular need ideas from those born in the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and even the nineties. Those born in the twenties, thirties and forties will still have ideas but we have to involve all these younger generations in order to build a future.

We also need to hear from women, LGBTQ, those born overseas in Asia, Africa, Continental Europe, and other non-anglo-celtic areas, people breaking away from religions of all persuasions, those identifying as spiritual but not religious.

We need to hear from everyone with ideas we haven't heard before, about how to evolve a diverse humanist community. Or ideas we haven't heard often enough.

We need to hear from those with expertise in how to organise, fund, grow, market, and empower effective humanist community institutions. We need to continue to develop credible philosophical and ethical underpinnings for our movement requiring teamwork on intellectual discussion and activism.

Everyone will be free to speak but keep in mind there isn't a secretariat or volunteer force available to take up ideas. The ideas for the future which will have some hope of fruition will be those which include an implementation strategy.

Ideas from this event will play a part in the joint convention we are planning with the ACT Humanists for 2019 where we will discuss the future of Humanism in Australia in earnest.

The humanist movement is diverse in its ways and means so please represent your own priorities on the day.

Murray Love, President


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