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(Note while this meeting series is sponsored by us its program is often not representative of the views of the Humanist Society at all. In fact it may run topics contrary to our interests! David Duffy's interest is to provide a regular venue to air matters of contemporary interest. If you are interested in what the Society as a body is concerned about click the HuVAT tab above).

24 Jan "Surviving in the cut throat world of being single at any age"

Mr David Murphy

Organiser of events for single people for 40 years.

31 Jan "More than meets the eye"

Ms Louisa Binnington

She will discuss a range of paranormal and extra sensory experiences which question what is real.

07 Feb "Maximising brain health into old age"

Mrs Paddye Parnell

from Alzheimers Australia will discuss the social impact of dementia and how to maintain a healthy brain.

  Ring 9212 2122 for details for dates not covered here  

The Open Forum has been running for 46 years.

They are held

  • Every Wednesday
  • Starting at 8pm
  • at Humanist House 10 Shepherd St Chippendale.
  • Public Welcome.
  • Phone a recorded message service for last minute updates to the program.
    (+61 2) 9212 2122
  • Note: if there is no guest speaker a discussion evening on a topical issue occurs.
  • Supper available for a small donation.


The Wednesday Open Forum meetings are sponsored by the Humanist of Society of NSW to promote lively debate about topical issues. It has been held every Wednesday since 1971. You are welcome to come along and bring some friends. With a wide range of speakers and audience participants, views expressed by speakers and audience cannot be taken as a reflection of Humanist views .

Humanism fosters constructive intellectual exchange which can become impassioned at time. This requires a commitment from you to appropriate behaviour at all times. Unruly or offensive behaviour will not and cannot be tolerated.

Picture of David Duffy
David Duffy the long-time convener!
Tel: 4782 1130 AM only

The Society also runs the HuVAT (Humanist Viewpoints Afternoon talk) series usually on the second Sunday of each month 4 pm. These meetings are more orientated to the Humanist position as such. Click the HuVAT tab above.

NSW Humanist Meetup


3 - 6PM SUNDAY 26 November 2017

The first documentary THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE starts 3pm. After a 15 minute break, we'll have part two CHANGING SOCIETY - finishing at 5pm. We'll have another break then a chance to discuss the impact of the Enlightenment on the 21st century, and whether we need a new one. (NSW Humanists are licensed to show these films on an educational, non-commercial basis).

Modernity owes its existence to a single defining period: the 18th century Age of Enlightenment. In barely 100 years, deference to divine and royal authority gave way to the idea that humans had the power to understand their own nature and the universe around them. It was a revolution in ideas, information and technology. Beautifully filmed, this illuminating two-part set brings to life key characters of the era - Newton, Erasmus, Darwin, Voltaire, Diderot, Condorcet, Frederick the Great and Thomas Jefferson - and the ideas that shaped the modern Humanist movement. The series pulls no punches. New Humanists Sunday Open House is a gathering for those new to Humanism, seeking to renew Humanism, having new perspectives on Humanism, or making new friendships in a Humanist community. And those more longstanding in a Humanist community are also a vital part of the process.

To see further details go to https://www.meetup.com/nswhumanists/events/238868936/

Click here to go to their regular Meetup group`s logo page.

All details here in printable form are copied from our journal Viewpoints downloadable from Members page.

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Humanist House with logo overlaid

- "Taking Humanism Seriously"

Sunday, June 18, 2017 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Humanist House 10 Shepherd St, Chippendale, Sydney
(Humanist House is a few doors behind the old Hotel Broadway, just across and downhill towards the city from the Broadway Shopping Centre.)

On Sunday 18th June 2017, 1.00-5.00 p.m. we celebrate World Humanist Day - our theme is 'Taking Humanism Seriously'.
1.00-1.20 - Welcoming members & visitors
1.20-1.30 - Opening address by Murray Love, President, Humanist Society of NSW - 'Taking Humanism Seriously'
1.30-2.00 - Keynote address by Lyndon Storey PhD., national President of CAHS (Council of Australian Humanist Societies) - 'Serious Considerations for the Australian Humanist Movement'
2.00-2.15 - Light refreshments & Informal conversation
2.15-3.00 - 'Open Workshop on the Future of Humanism' A Humanist revival is needed to bring thoughtful caring to a selfish world & careful thinking to a confused humanity.
Chair: John August
Panel: Murray Love & Lyndon Storey
Participants will be free to comment or put questions to panel

3.00-3.30 - Hot refreshments & Informal conversation

3.30-5.00- 'The Humanism of Serious Moments' - A window on the inner world of humanity - Share illuminating experiences as a listening friend for those in difficult and isolated moments in a hospital setting. Our guest speaker Lyndon Storey reveals a second life - his work in compassionate engagement with patients at Canberra Hospital as a Humanist Chaplain. Lyndon will also present a video interview with Charles Foley who preceded him in this work and has many moving tales to tell.

We'll have another break 4.10-4.25, finish the refreshments, then Murray will present questions to Lyndon on his work, and MC a Q&A from the audience, on matters of secular pastoral care and on humanism itself, before Lyndon has to head back to Canberra in the evening. Privacy and sensitivity will be respected but there is more than enough left for insights and emotional growth experiences that can come out of such fascinating work.
It's a special day for Humanists and we'd love to see a big turnout just to celebrate together. If there's 'one day of the year' to try to make it along, even if just to see all the other Humanists - this is it. Please come and share food and drink and discussion and celebrate Humanism. It's a way of life needed more than ever in the 21st century.

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