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HuVAT 3.15 - 5.00 pm Sunday 10 November 2019

will be John August presenting a talk on the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon

If you've never heard of Jordan Peterson (he has sprung from nowhere to everywhere) - just Google the name. You'll need to come to John's HuVAT talk to even begin to understand the 'phenomenon'! This talk will details matters John sees as problems with the general picture put forward by Professor Peterson, while also giving some limited credit to where he might get it right, or at least puts forward a reasonably defensible position. John writes: "Peterson's grasp of technical aspects of psychology is beyond question. His ability to communicate and change lives seems valid, yet the unreconstructed racism and misogyny of some of his supporters suggests his reckless language in public debate licenses some extreme views. Jordan Peterson's intellectual position, while perhaps identifying the worth of stories and that some extreme elements may try to express expression, is nevertheless a gross overstatement that misrepresents a genuine concerns about injustice in the world and amounts to an apology for religion in many cases."
John continues: "Professor Peterson seems to misunderstand and misrepresent many legends and intellectual positions - he skates over the detail of what postmodernism really is, the details of the history of leftist intellectual thought in France, alternatives to the leftist narrative as superficially portrayed by its critics, such as the chartists, diggers and levelers, the cooperative movement and elements of anarchism as compared to traditional leftist Marxism, and the nature of the political world we find ourselves in and how it might meaningfully be said to have potentially been different." So there you have it. If you want to begin to understand it all come and join the talk and discussion.

HuVAT time slot
Humanist Viewpoints Afternoon Talk (general format now more varying)

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We no longer accommodate Open Forum;
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This meeting series is now managed by Joffre: for more information ring 0420 361 898.

The Open Forum originated in April 1971. David Duffy the original convenor passed away on 10 Nov 2022.

NSW Humanist Meetup

NSW Humanists Meetup 3.00-6.00 pm Sunday 24 November 2019
looks at Human Fulfilment & Finding Meaning

Humanists are often pragmatic people - even blunt to a point (so to say), but around the world there are amongst us many varied contributors: critical thinkers, poetic intuitives, students of the sciences, lay philosophers of ethics & social progress, fulfilled & unfulfilled seekers of fulfilment, activists, humanitarians, the younger & the older, the strong & those softened by circumstance, risk-takers & patient waiters, connoisseurs & dilettantes, specialists & generalists, ponderers of puzzles, fun-lovers & party animals, introverts & extroverts, drifters & stayers, bodybuilders & couch-potatoes, the thin & the ample, the curious & the certain, larger than life, movers & shakers, men & women, queer & straight, good & misguided, users of brain-altering substances, the experienced, the naïve, the observant, the inspired, the skeptical, the artistic, workers & dreamers, the involved & the abandoned, escapists & realists, and others too many to mention. If you're on this list come and share how you give your life meaning, and how this fits with a Humanist value system.

All details here in printable form are copied from our journal Viewpoints downloadable from Members page.

There is no info at this time.

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HuVAT Sunday 12 May 2019 3.00 for 3.15 p.m. is Murray Love giving a


We'll preview what we'll be doing, what we won't be doing, how to help, how not to hinder, what it's all for, and what it all depends on. This has to be a convention that rolls up its sleeves and gets on with the job of revitalising the humanist movement in Australia. A new wave of humanism is urgently needed for the 21 century, responding to contemporary needs, while also continuing essential traditions. We need the whole Australian Humanist Movement to get involved, whether you can manage to get to the convention or not. This convention will not, must not, be where it all ends, but where it all begins. There will be panels of speakers and lots of Q&A. Speakers won't be the usual celebrities, but ordinary humanists with optimism for the future. Over the two days we will have a number of themed sessions. Details are in the programme issued with the Australian Humanist and with the PDF version of Viewpoints. Tickets will be available at the preview and other Sunday events leading up to the convention. If you can't be there, get them online
The convention in June will be in the hall at Humanist House. There aren't a lot of tickets, and you'll need a ticket to get in. Murray Love, President


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