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Some Flavors of Humanist Views

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"Amsterdam Declaration" of Humanist Principles. (Note: some Australian Humanists are not happy with this statement).

Research on the paranormal

Do ghosts exist? Are we ghosts in machines? Is Descarte's dualism correct? Can the human mind communicate by some way other than via the physical universe that we know through science?

Dr Susan Blackmore has spent a lifetime studying the paranormal with an early predisposition to prove it up. The result was that she failed.

A talk she gave to the Australian Skeptics is available on audio cassette tape from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The program was produced for ABC Radio's Science Show by Robyn Williams. Robyn Williams was the Australian Humanist of the Year in 1993. (This information is very old [March 2012] and I'm not certain the ABC or the Skeptics still have it).

Some views from us

Religion and Humanism

The late Jim McClelland on the planned Australis2000 Congress.

Society's 1973 Report about Euthanasia

Paper: that seeking equal rights for non-believers reinforces prejudice and discrimination against us.

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