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Darwin Day 2008

in Sydney will be held:
at the Sydney Mechanics School of the Arts 280 Pitt St Sydney, on Wednesday 13 February 6 pm - 7:30 pm.

Richard Dawkin honorary president of Darwin Day.
Darwin Day's international home page

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Evolution's insights into Australia's amazing past and our hominid origins

Introduction Dr. Phil Dooley, NSW Australian Science Communicators;
and Mr. John August, President of the NSW Humanists
- on the significance of Evolution in informing us about the incredible past, our origins, and our place in the world.


Dr Anne Musser (Australian Museum) will report on "The evolution of Australia's Megafauna: Hunter and Hunted" - Pleistocene Australia, its marvelous megafauna and possible causes for its extinction.

Dr Darren Curnoe (UNSW) will speak on human evolutionary history.

There will be time for questions and discussion.

Charles Darwin (b. 12 Feb 1809) whose promulgation of the Theory of Evolution, or descent with modification through natural selection, has had as profound an effect on how we view and understand the natural world as any other scientific theory ever proposed. He opined that people who could not see how gradual evolutionary change over vast stretches of time could produce the amazing varieties and form of life suffered from a "failure of imaginations". An underlying objective of these Darwin Days for students is to present scientific evidence to help our imaginations so we need not have to fall back on such notions as "intelligent design".

Darwin's influence on Modern Thought. Click here for paper by Ernst Mayer

Some key points from the article: Darwin introduced historicity into science (chemistry and physics do not have this character); he rejected all supernatural explanations; he refuted typology or essentialism -which says living things are invariant and stable, they are not; variation characterises living things, refutation of typology amounts to refutation of racism amongst other things...

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