The following awards, were given on Darwin Day, 2004.

The Awards

The HUXLEY – named after Thomas Henry Huxley For original contributions to the science of evolution and evolutionary theories.
Winner of the 2004 Huxley : MIke Archer 
 – after Stephen Jay Gould For services to education and the promotion of science in areas relevant to natural history and evolution.
     Winner of the 2004 Gould : Ruth Mawson
The WILBERFORCE – after Bishop Samuel Wilberforce, Oxford For the antievolutionist who, through the silly nature of their arguments or actions has done the most to promote evolution as a fact.
Winner of the 2004 Wilberforce : Carl Wieland


Speakers were:
Professor Michael Archer Evolution shown by dental considerations
Dr Charley Lineweaver Evolution seen in cosmology and astrobiology
Professor Paul Davies Life may well be found elsewhere in the universe.