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Was held at the
University of Technology Law School Moot Court
12 February 2002


Dr Alex Ritchie paleontologist emeritus Australian Museum
Prof Colin Groves School of Archeology and Anthrapology ANU

General objectives:

  Review Darwin's achievement: why it is so significant; why the theory of evolution is the 2nd greatest idea; ramifications for education, social and other policy formation.

Issues to address:
  Creationism:  For example one of my daughter's science teacher said (a few years ago now) that she did not believe in evolution although she was compelled to teach it.

  Social darwinism: human decency needs to mitigate darwinian forces; Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiment naturalistic fallacy etc.

Colin Groves:
When did the human line separate from apes, and which ape? [Very recently; and it was the chimpanzee]
The moral status of apes [The Great Ape project]
The mounting list of hominin fossils [Three new taxa in 2001 alone]
The pseudoscience of racism [Racism can be maintained only by distorting the evidence]
Cooperation as a factor in human evolution [Human/dog relationships as an example]
Memes,only an afterword

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