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"Creation Science"
Science and Education

Transcript of a Symposium held in 1986.
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Table of contents

  1. Preface
  2. Christian Fundamentalism and "Creation Science"
    Ronald Stahan - Australian Museum
  3. 36 Common Creationist Statements: a pot-pourri of nonsense
    Prof Mike Archer - Palaeontologist UNSW
  4. Karl Popper's Philosophy of Science and Creationism
    Rafe Champion - writer
  5. Science Religion and the Theory of Evolution
    David Oldroyd - Philosophy of Science UNSW
  6. Church, State, Education and the Creation Science Crisis (a presentation of the concept of "civil religion" as a way of understanding the crisis generated by religious fundamentalism and creationism)
    Guy Freeland - Philosophy of Science UNSW
  7. The Bible and Creationism
    Barbara Thiering - Biblical scholar
  8. Creationism, Evolution and the Curriculum
    Ann Skinner - Science Teachers Association
  9. Transcript of discussions Parts 1, 2 and 3
  10. Transcription of ABC Science Show Programs on Creationism
Copies are available at A$5 each plus postage.

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