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How to answer the Census Q10

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No religion

Leave this section blank if you want to record your non-religious views more clearly as Humanist, Atheist, Agnostic, Rationalist or otherwise. DO NOT tick this box.

Other - please specify

Place a dash in this box and write below in the oblong box your description, for example:


Humanists believe that we must accept
responsibility for ourselves, each other,
and our planet.



The Humanist Society of NSW, urges members of the community who don't go to church to fill in Question 10 of the Census coming on 6 August as above. "It is important to acknowledge your current practice in the Census".

Government and other service providers use census data in making decisions about policies and funds. If the census data fails to reflect the size of the non-church going community fund allocation and service provision will be skewed away from that community.

40% of Australians use non-religious celebrants for their weddings, funerals, baby-namings, and other important ceremonies, but in the last census only 17% indicated in some ways they were not religious. 10% did not give any answer. Although the question is optional, people should think as carefully about it as all the other questions.

Social surveys reveal 25-35% of the population live without religion. This places the secular group alongside the only other two, Anglicans and Catholics, registering above 20%.

Humanists, Rationalists, Atheists and Agnostics who wish to be counted with their nominated group must write its name in the "Other, please specify" box. This will seem to imply that they have a religious denomination but the Australian Bureau of Statistics will add these answers to the No Religion group as well as to their nominated group.

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