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of New South Wales Inc.

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We secularists and atheists are sometimes accused of not supporting charities as much as religions do. Here is your chance to provide some tangible support for the needy in Sydney!

The Wayside Chapel at 29 Hughes St Kings Cross

is a leading charity reaching out to those disadvantaged with respect to drugs, alcohol, sex work, the police, poverty, and homelessness.

Following my forum on Religion in Society with Wayside`s CEO, I have arranged two events. The first is an educational tour, which anyone can attend (for a donation, which will help their operations), and the second is an information evening for prospective volunteers.

1. Educational tour (rescheduled) - Tue 1 March at 11 am

2. Volunteers session Fri 17 March at 6 pm

Please book by the Meetup links.

Ian Bryce
Date: 16 Feb 2011