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From Linda " At 1500 Monday 16th March 2020, "Nanna" Vicki Potempa went to sleep peacefully one last time.

This VERY strong stubborn opinionated independent woman (yes that's where I get it from) touched so may lives in her 98 years. She had ups and downs with us all, but deep down there was a great heart that only wanted what she saw as fair and just.

She has helped me greatly to get where I am today. But she also acknowledge my own efforts and told me how proud she was of me and who I am.

A great cook. A seamstress. A woman of wisdom. A woman committed to equal rights for all but fought especially hard for those women from her generation and yours. A lady that gave up her time to see prisoners when their own family would not see them. A translator for those who thought no one else would help them. A mum, A Nanna, not just to her blood but anyone who met her and accepted her. She was everyone s Nanna.

For those who wish to see her off to what ever awaits her on her next journey, there will be a service at Lake Macquarie Memorial Park (Palmers Road / Toronto Exit from the M1/F3) on Friday 27th March 2020 at 1200. A personal request, I ask that there is no smoking for the time you are there. You all know how much she hated those bloody cigarettes - I've seen her chase people along train station platforms, don't think she won't chase you too...

"Ah well" - I ll leave it at that.