Guide to readings on this site

Information on this site are organised and presented primarily "according to the moment". In order to pursue particular lines of thought you need to navigate about this site. Particular lines of thought are scattered in a variety of places. Our newsletter covers these lines of thought usually to some depth in various issues but then again according to what was topical at time of publication. Electronic versions of our newsletter Viewpoints are here the member's page. Our publications which you may purchase are accessed by clicking the left-hand link about Words and Ideas and... Videos of selected talks given at both our HuVAT series and Open forum are accessed either from the meetings page or the archive link in those pages. The links in the left-hand menu Articles, For Children, For Students, Religion | state access a variety of articles. Articles relating to our contention that Humanism is the defence, promotion and advancement of Enlightenment values are found in relevant section of the Occasion meetings section of the left-hand Meetings link.